Constitutional Politics In Modern Iran

Constitutional Politics In Modern Iran

Constitutional Politics in Modern Iran:

 A Re-Examination and Implications for the Future

March 1-3, Loma Pelona Center

University of California, Santa Barbara

With a major investment from the Semnani Family Foundation and additional support from the Mellichamp Fund, the Iranian Studies Initiative at UC-Santa Barbara hosts an international conference to provide a fundamental assessment of Iran’s experience with constitutionalism. This gathering of constitutional lawyers, academics, and journalists, will not only serve as a forum for in-depth, critical examination of the past and current Iranian constitutions, but it will also offer an opportunity to propose practical recommendations for the future. Presenters will examine the history of constitutional politics in Iran; frame key problems and constitutional issues from the last century; integrate fresh perspectives for addressing longstanding issues in Iran’s legal history; and identify and develop resources for a better understanding of constitutional issues. Speakers will examine the challenges of a transition from Iran’s current theocratic constitution to a more democratic mode of governance and propose recommendations that could meet the needs of the Iranian people in the 21st century.

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