Samira Seraji – Pars Equality Center

“The internship was a  wonderful experience in my undergraduate career. My colleagues at PARS were extremely friendly and approachable, and they really went out of their way to help me with my work as I first began this internship. I love the work I did and found happiness in knowing that my internship could contribute to making the world a better place.”





Jessica Edwards – Pars Equality Center

“Working with Pars Equality Center has been a great blessing. I have learned an incredible amount from the staff about the Iranian refugee and asylee community and their daily struggles as they start a new life in the United States. While working with Pars Equality Center, I had the opportunity to work on various projects.”





Daniell Levy – A More Balanced World

“During my internship, I focused on collaboration and attempted to connect the non profit I worked with, A More Balanced World (AMBW) with other, similar organizations. We contacted the Nepali Girls and the Equal Access organization. As far as experience, I had never worked with a charity as an intern focusing on collaboration, and learned how to email and contact other organizations.”




Stephanie Ng – A More Balanced World

“For the Spring Quarter of 2015, I had the amazing opportunity of interning for an organization called, A More Balanced World (AMBW).  The non-profit focuses on providing the necessary schooling for students who do not have the resources and means to receive the education that they deserve.”