Danielle Levy

During my internship, I focused on collaboration and attempted to connect the non profit I worked with, A More Balanced World (AMBW) with other, similar organizations. We contacted the Nepali Girls and the Equal Access organization. As far as experience, I had never worked with a charity as an intern focusing on collaboration, and learned how to email and contact other organizations. If anything, I was actually quite nervous that I would not do a good job because of my lack of experience, but I think that my previous contacts with other charities including the Holy Innocents, the Autism Tree project Foundation, and others have helped AMBW to expand their collaboration. Thinking long term, I found my work with AMBW to be strangely yet perfectly coincidental. My father’s organization supports a children’s hospital in Uganda, which holds children from premature age to 14 to 15 years. The average age is most likely around 4 to 8 years old. I want to help expand AMBW by hopefully connecting them with Holy Innocents since the hospital could use an educational extension. I think if children are too sick to leave the hospital, it would help to establish a school or even creative learning center so that the children could be entertained yet educated at the same time. I hope we can eventually expand AMBW as the extraordinary, deserving charity that it is. I am trying to think big because I find that thinking in this way can accomplish great things, yet it requires extensive work and a dedication that would most likely go beyond the quarter and even school year, which I would be glad to breach.