Stephanie Ng

A More Balanced World Internship

For the Spring Quarter of 2015, I had the amazing opportunity of interning for an organization called, A More Balanced World (AMBW). The non-profit focuses on providing the necessary schooling for students who do not have the resources and means to receive the education that they deserve. I am fortunate enough to work directly with Mandy Fazeli, the Founder and President. When we first began our talks about my responsibilities and contribution to A More Balanced World, we both agreed that managing AMBW’s social media outlets would be an appropriate fit. I have held several positions in managing websites, and social media platforms in the past, so I discussed with Mandy, and told her that improving and increasing AMBW’s media presence would not only gain more supporters, but keep our current supporters well informed about AMBW’s work. For the quarter we discussed several main projects that I would focus on, which were creating AMBW’s twitter, starting a monthly newsletter, and making AMBW’s website more user-friendly and informative about the students.

The first task was to create AMBW’s twitter account. Mandy and I both agreed that it would be a great way to post quick announcements, which would gain the attention from similar organizations, and our supporters. Often times, we wanted to share quick updates, or articles that shared similar concerns to the work that AMBW did, and twitter is the ideal outlet to do so. So far we have several followers, and AMBW is currently following many organizations that tweet constant updates about the importance of education and children around the world. I also linked AMBW’s twitter to its Facebook, which allows our Facebook followers to see whenever there is a new tweet. By creating this connection between Facebook and Twitter, we hope to build our support, so that our followers understand what AMBW is doing, and how they can help.

The following task was creating AMBW’s first newsletter. Mandy and I agreed that having each newsletter focus on a specific topic would keep our information focused, so that we could keep our readers attention. Because, AMBW had just had its annual Spring Fundraiser on May 2nd, our focus for the newsletter was this event. I found a program that provided organized email templates, so that the newsletters would be easy to read, and had the ability to display many pictures. I compiled about eight pictures for the newsletter that demonstrated the Spring Fundraiser festivities, and wrote small blurbs about the success of the event. The next step before sending out the newsletter was to put together around 400 emails that we wished to add to AMBW’s subscription list. After importing the list into the system, and checking for any errors and improvements, I sent out the newsletter, and we got amazing feedback from many supporters. Mandy and I are now working on the second newsletter, which we hope to send out as soon as we have all the necessary information.

The last, but not final project that I am working on is creating the websites, “Student Spotlight” section. Mandy and I came to an agreement that AMBW’s previous student page was stagnant and uninformative, and I suggested a spotlight page that showcased the achievements of AMBW’s students. I created a Google doc questionnaire to streamline and organize the process, and Mandy was able to send it out to many student representatives. I am currently working with Touraj and Arash, who are providing me with the expertise to create an interactive page, and now we have received two letters from students for our first two “Student Spotlights”.

I am excited for all the future work with AMBW, and look forward to seeing the progress that we continue to make with our social media platforms. It is important to establish our presence because it is such an integral part of everyone’s lives, and a great way to connect with people around the world, which is important in our globalized societies.