Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Sergey Saluschev

Sergey was born in Potsdam, Germany but grew up in Southern Russia near the Caucasus Mountains.  He recently obtained his Mater in Arts degree in Global & International Studies from UCSB.



Eric Masse


Iranian Studies Initiative Alumni 

Leva Zand

Leva Zand was born in 1981 in north of Iran where she spent most of her childhood. She moved to the United State in 2004 to continue her education which she had already started at Law School in Iran.


Claudia Yaghoobi

Claudia Yaghoobi was born in Tehran in 1974. She graduated from Islamic Azad University with a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature. She taught as an ESL instructor in most language schools in Tehran for 15 years and as an Assistant Professor of English Literature in Islamic Azad University for 9 years.