Claudia Yaghoobi

Claudia Yaghoobi was born in Tehran in 1974. She graduated from Islamic Azad University with a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature. She taught as an ESL instructor in most language schools in Tehran for 15 years and as an Assistant Professor of English Literature in Islamic Azad University for 9 years. Claudia arrived in Los Angeles in 2006 where she obtained a Master’s degree in English at California State University of Los Angeles. She got admission to Comparative Literature program at UCSB in 2008. Claudia is a PhD Candidate and Feminist Studies doctoral emphasis student. Claudia’s research interests include English and Persian Medieval Mystical/Sufi Literature, Modern Middle Eastern women’s literature, Iranian woman question, Orientalism and Post-colonialism, gender and sexuality studies. The working title of her dissertation is “Submission versus Transgression: Farīd al-Dīn ʿAttār Nishāpūrī’s Embrace of Diversity in Tadhkirat al-Awliya, Ilāhī-nāma, Musībat-nāma.” Her dissertation committee members are Professors Dwight Reynolds, Janet Afary and Aranye Fradenburg. Claudia has taught as a teaching assistant for comparative literature and feminist studies since 2008. She taught a course on Middle Eastern women’s writings as a teaching associate during summer 2011. She has served as a research and teaching assistant, newsletter editor, TA trainer and Lead TA for comparative literature program. Claudia has held departmental and campus-wide teaching training workshops. She has been nominated for the 2011-12 Academic Senate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. She has presented papers in different conferences, the most recent of which titled “Sacred versus Profane: Transgressive Homo-erotic Love in Sufi Poetry” was nominated for the Horst Frenz Prize at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference in April 2011. Claudia was awarded the UCSB Graduate Fellowship for 2011-12. She is a native speaker of Armenian and Farsi.

Department: Comparative Literature