Naieen, Iran, Photo: Emdadi/Flickr

Painting on a roof - Narenjestan Qavam, Shiraz, Iran, Photo: Pedram Veisi

Qajar Home, Shiraz, Iran

Iranian Studies Initiative at UCSB

Conference: The Changing Nature of Family and Marriage in Contemporary Iran – November 3, 2017 – 9:00am – 6:00pm

Loma Pelona Center, University of California – Santa Barbara

Over the past few decades, Iran has experienced a dramatic change in courtship practices and in the institution of family. The Changing Nature of Family and Marriage in Contemporary Iran is a conference devoted to an exploration of the latest findings in this area. Papers will examine a variety of issues such as marriage and divorce laws vs. actually existing power and decision-making processes in the family, the role of the extended family, definitions of masculinity and femininity vs. the lived experience of individuals; gender disparity, variations in religious communities, such as in the Sunni, Baha’i, Jewish, and Armenian families, family economics, especially unemployment, underemployment, and female employment, and social justice. Papers will also look at the growing rates of street children (both Afghan and Iranian children) and child prostitution, the changing nature of temporary marriage, marital commitment, cohabitation (white marriages) and grey marriages (separated couples living together).

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Iranian Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara is an umbrella organization devoted to the study of Iran, Persian Culture, and the Iranian Plateau. The Iranaian Studies Initiative (ISI) was established in 2010 with support form the Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp Endowment in Global Religion and Modernity in collaboration with the Department of Religious Studies and the Center for Middle East Studies. The Iranian Studies organizes annual lectures, symposia, film presentations and occasional conferences. In collaboration with the Middle East Ensemble in the Department of Music at UC Santa Barbara.

The Iranian Studies initiative  is a resource center devoted to the research, teaching, and dissemination of Iranian history and culture. It is not an academic department and does not offer academic degrees. Academic courses in Iranian Studies are offered in the following departments:

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